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Our Mission

To utilize the real estate focused experience and expertise of the partners and management team to identify and seize unique opportunities in the development, acquisition and management of real estate assets.  We ensure our success by striving to exceed the expectations of our customers, employees and investors.

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Trusted by our clients for over three decades.

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Real Estate Investment

PFG Capital has experience in the acquisition and development of self storage, residential apartments, single family and multifamily housing, retail, commercial office space and specialty real estate such as marinas and mobile home parks.

Highlights of PFG Capital’s real estate investment experience include:

  • The acquisition, development, and sale of North East Isles,  a 193-unit waterfront vacation housing development located in Cecil County, Maryland.

  • The acquisition, development, and management of more than 100 self storage properties across multiple states spanning three decades.

  • The historical rehabilitation of treasured properties into multifamily apartments.


Our affiliates, Pennsylvania Development and Construction Group and Storage Construction provide in-house construction management, design/build and general contracting services. 

  • Storage Construction has developed and constructed over 4 Million Sqft of self storage space utilizing a variety of contract styles to meet customer needs.

  • Pennsylvania Development and Construction Group has developed and constructed over 20 residential and commercial properties ranging from historical rehabilitation apartment projects to build to-suit retail developments.
Venture Capital

Venture Capital

In addition to real estate, the partners of PFG Capital have extensive experience in the oversight and growth of operating companies. Both acquisition of existing companies and “start-ups” are constantly being reviewed for exciting new opportunities that can benefit from our capital and expertise.

Several operating businesses including Automated Security and Storsmart Tenant Insurance have been successfully acquired/created and operated under PFG Capital over the past 35 years.

Our multifaceted experience in operating businesses provide us with the necessary tools to identify unique opportunities in all aspects of business management.


Through real estate acquisition and development, PFG Capital has been able to offer attractive real estate investment opportunities to its investor clients. Investor clients typically include: individuals, partnerships, banks, insurance companies, pension and IRA funds. Many of PFG clients are repeat investors who have supported our ventures for over 35 years. 

  • PFG Capital has syndicated over $250 Million worth of investment opportunities over the past 35 years.

The relationship PFG Capital has created with its investors allows the partnership to continually seek new investment opportunities.

Real Estate Syndication

Meet Our Team

John McGreevy


As a Co-Founder, John was President of PFG Capital from its inception in 1986 until 1998 at which time he became Chief Executive Officer. In his position as President of PFG Capital, he was responsible for locating, structuring, developing, and overseeing the management of various real estate opportunities ranging from land development for major retail users as well as water-front residential, commercial, and residential rental operations and historic renovation projects.

John has also been instrumental in other start-ups in the physical therapy and ecommerce industries.

Daniel Dygert


Mr. Dygert started with the firm in 1989. He became the President in 1998 . He has spearheaded the acquisition, development, construction, management and disposition of numerous projects, including apartments, retail shopping centers, office buildings, residential multi-family housing, as well as, self storage facilities. Now serving as CEO, Mr. Dygert is responsible for the strategic direction of the Company.

Mike Rhoads


Mr. Rhoads started with PFG Capital firm in 1994.  He has served as Vice President and has been involved in the oversight of accounting & tax strategy, the development of section 42 affordable housing apartments, and self-storage site feasibility studies, acquisitions, marketing & operations.  He has successfully led the absorption and operations of countless 27 stabilized existing and newly constructed/expanded self-storage facilities. 

In 2011, Mr. Rhoads became a licensed insurance agent and assisted the Company in founding the Storsmart Tenant Insurance Program by way of the Companies wholly owned insurance agency, Property First Group which was later sold to the Storable family of companies.

Scott Forry

Partner & President

Mr. Forry started with PFG Capital in 2002. He is a Certified Public Accountant and became President in 2021. He has been responsible for all business structural components including legal compliance, licensing, information systems, tax, accounting, and financing among other things.

Rob Thompkins

Partner & Chief Innovations Officer

Mr. Thompkins joined the Company in 2003. He has been responsible for all Sales, Customer Service and Operations functions for many different insurance and real estate assets, including commercial office, retail centers, apartment communities, condominium associations, self storage facilities, and the Storsmart Tenant Insurance Program.

Matt DePrato

Partner & Vice President of Preconstruction and Development

Mr. DePrato began his career with PFG Capital in 2005. He brought with him a natural eye and talent for how to develop parcels of property efficiently and effectively by working with attorneys, civil engineers, and municipalities to gain appropriate approvals necessary to begin construction. Mr. DePrato has also assisted in the operations of PFG Capital’s self storage facilities and Automated Security’s access control services.

Our History

PFG Capital was formed in 1986 in response to the Tax Reform Act of 1986 which eliminated many real estate based tax shelters. The company’s mission was to develop and syndicate financially sound real estate investments for its investor clients. A large portion of these investments included the development of tax credit affordable housing projects. In 1987, PFG Capital was one of the first companies in Pennsylvania to complete a low income rental housing community utilizing the newly created section 42 federal tax credits. The Company gained considerable expertise in section 42 low income housing tax credits and section 47 historic rehabilitation tax credits with the development of 13 affordable housing projects throughout Central Pennsylvania.

Real Estate Investment